In Patagonia awaits the visitor a wide, rugged escarpment with unspoiled landscape, diverse nature. Glaciers, canyons, to the Alps-like mountain areas, bizarre volcanoes and a constant wind blows give this region a special character.

A visit to this region is still an adventure. The region is very sparsely populated – at a square kilometer is still less than a man. In many places it is on its own, the best course terrain vehicle dependent.

The coastal towns and river valleys have some in the 20th Century contrast, is undergoing a rapid boom, with a high population growth. This was one of the growing importance of oil production in Zentralpatagonien, and of agriculture in the irrigated river valleys of Rio Negro and Chubut River. But lately, it was mainly the prospect of tourism to the region this development brought. The example of the small town of El Calafate, near the famous Los Glaciares National Park confirmed, in 1990 slightly more than 2,000 residents had and today has grown to 18,000. Especially the economic crisis in 2001-2002, in which one of the few chances to escape unemployment hope for big business with foreign tourists had pushed many young people in this area, many of whom also success with its hotels and travel agencies had.

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  1. recu Says:

    Beautiful..i will visit Argentina soon..

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